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Lilly SnagglesTM is Buster's sister.  She is a pirate bulldog SnagglesTM ​Tooth Fairy Buddy just waiting to be snuggled and loved.  Lilly would LOVE to be there when the Tooth Fairy comes to leave a surprise in exchange for your tooth!  Leave your lost tooth in Lilly's special tooth pocket to await the Tooth Fairy visit.  

Buster Snaggles® is the first EVER SnagglesTM Tooth Fairy Buddy!  He is a pirate bulldog that is ready to snuggle and hold your lost baby tooth until the Tooth Fairy comes to leave a surprise!  Securely place your lost tooth inside of Buster's mouth, snuggle Buster until you fall asleep, and wake up to find what surprise the Tooth Fairy left for you in the SnagglesTM Surprise Pocket.  Get ready to Snuggle a Snaggles​TM!