Toys to Last a ChildhoodTM

       The first Tooth Fairy Buddy we created was designed using a stuffed animal with a pocket to hold/store the tooth and a pocket to hold/store the surprise left by the Tooth Fairy.  In combination with the Tooth Fairy Buddy, we created stories of different SnagglesTM animals' tooth-losing adventures that made the tooth loss experience exciting and memorable.  Our son enjoyed the new experience and we carried it through the years with all our children, all the while modifying the designs.

       We have created the SnagglesTM Tooth Fairy Buddies to provide an exciting and memorable experience for your child during this change in their lives.  We hope that your child will see that losing teeth can be fun.  We are also creating a SnagglesTM Tooth Fairy Journal that your child will be able to use to document their experiences.  We hope to complete publication of the Children's Book shortly to go along with the SnagglesTM Tooth Fairy Buddies.

          The tooth loss years are great, fun years for  your children, and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we have with the SnagglesTM Tooth Fairy Buddies!

     We discovered that there were no products on the market that particularly appealed to a young, active boy or a product that would assist in alleviating any concerns that could be associated with the loss of teeth.  So, we decided to create a new item for the Tooth Fairy experience.  Thus, the idea of a Tooth Fairy Buddy was born.


    The Snaggles®Tooth Fairy Buddies Story began over sixteen years ago during the tooth losing years of our son, JP.  Most people grow up with the Tooth Fairy experience when losing baby teeth.  But, baby teeth are small and are easily lost when a child places one under the pillow waiting for the Tooth Fairy visit.  Some children have anxiety when they begin losing teeth and when they have to go to the dentist.  We searched for a new, fresh and different experience for our son, JP, that would incorporate a new Tooth Fairy experience and any dentist visits.